Sunday, 18 September 2011


After being caught up in life and other things for a while now, I've just started to get back into urban design. Has anyone else noticed that most planning blogs are based in North America? There's a few good ones like Old Urbanist and A Town Square, and strangely enough quite a few sites about railroads! But not many about Perth, who's input is limited to the satirical The Worst of Perth and an architecture blog. I think it's time to revisit urban design and planning in Perth!

Part of this is motivated by the state government's review of the Residential Design Codes, which amount to status quo with few useful improvements and retention of the poorly worded provisions. That, on top of the state government's current instructions to subdivide at all costs, means that despite all the rhetoric Perth will not be changing much in the short term.

Time permitting, I will hopefully be able to write about pointless front setbacks, narrow streets, density, trams, porches, apartments, and any other topic that crosses my mind.

But not railroads.

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  1. Agreed. It's difficult to find english language commentary on city planning that doesn't come from America.